"How do I use my Gizmoplex account on other devices?"

Don't want to watch your Gizmoplex library or livestream events on a computer? Good news: you've got options!

There are several ways to access the Gizmoplex using other devices:

  1. Go to gizmoplex.com using the device's web browser.

    You should be able to login to gizmoplex.com on any device that has a web browser, including most popular game consoles.

  2. Use our custom MST3K GIZMOPLEX apps!

    We have released custom Gizmoplex apps for the following platforms:

    • Apple iOS (download)
    • Apple tvOS (download)
    • Android (download)
    • Google TV (download)
    • Roku (download)
    • Amazon FireTV (download)
    • All of these apps will allow you to login and stream any videos in your personal collection and tune into Gizmoplex livestream events.
    • Please note that Roku and Amazon do not allow us to rent or sell videos and event tickets through apps. If you are using those apps, you will need to activate reward codes, or rent and buy additional videos, through the gizmoplex.com website. Once you do, they will appear in your app!
    • If you're wondering why the Gizmoplex apps are not available on your preferred platform or device, please read this.
  3. Stream to your television from your computer.

    If you have Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast, the gizmoplex.com website should be able to stream to your television using those devices.

  4. Connect to your television via HDMI.

    If none of the above work, most computers – and many tablets – also have HDMI ports and/or HDMI adapters that let you mirror your screen onto a television for large-screen viewing.

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