"What if I can't make it to a scheduled live event?"

Nothing to worry about! If you can't attend a Gizmoplex event during the livestream, you'll be able to rewatch it afterward.

If you have a Gizmoplex Event Pass:

  • Yes! As long as your Gizmoplex Event Pass remains active, you'll have streaming access to rewatch every live event that occurred during your membership. (So, if you have a THREE MONTH PASS, all of your events will be available to rewatch until your pass expires.)
  • You just won't be able to join the live chat, or participate in any of the interactive parts of the event, because, you know... they'll already be finished.

If you have an event ticket:

  • Yes! When you purchase a ticket to attend a Gizmoplex Live Event, you'll also be able to rewatch the livestream for at least 72 hours after it first airs.
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