"Why can't I get into a Kingadome event?"

To get past the usher and attend livestream events in the Kingadome, you'll need to either have an active GIZMOPLEX EVENT PASS or a ticket to the current scheduled event.

If you can't get in, it's likely for one of the following reasons:

  • You don't have an active EVENT PASS or EVENT TICKET for the event.
  • Your EVENT PASS has expired, or is linked to a different Gizmoplex account than the one you've logged in with.
  • There isn't an active event in the Kingadome right now! (We're working to update the design so that the usher will have a different explanation when this happens.)

If you are sure that you should have access to the event, try logging into the gizmoplex.com website, and accessing the live event there.

If you are able to access the livestream on gizmoplex.com and not in the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater, please email gizmoplex@mst3k.com and let our team know your Gizmoplex email address and which event you were trying to attend. We'll look into it and respond ASAP.

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