"How do I access the Gizmoplex?"

You can use your Gizmoplex account on the web, through our apps, and in our (forthcoming) VIRTUAL THEATER site.

Now that you've activated your Gizmoplex Member Pass, let's talk about what you can do with it. Moving forward, you'll be able to use the Gizmoplex in three forms:

 1. The Gizmoplex.com 

Starting now, you can always access your Gizmoplex account, video collection, and live events with any web browser by going to gizmoplex.com, which has now replaced our old site at mst3k.vhx.tv, and which should feel familiar if you've used Netflix, Hulu, or other video streaming platforms: 

 2. The Gizmoplex APPS 

Thanks to our Kickstarter campaign, we've also been able to work with the team at Vimeo OTT / VHX to develop custom MST3K GIZMOPLEX APPS that you can download to access the Gizmoplex directly on other popular devices. 

Starting right now, the new MST3K GIZMOPLEX APPS are available to download and use on the following platforms: 

Each of these apps will allow you to login and stream any videos in your personal collection, and to attend Gizmoplex livestream events. 

Please note: Roku and Amazon do not allow us to rent or sell videos and event tickets through their apps. If you are using the Roku or Amazon FireTV apps, please use the gizmoplex.com website to activate your reward codes, and to browse, rent and buy additional videos for your personal collection.  Once you do, you'll be able to access it all from within the app.

3. The Gizmoplex VIRTUAL THEATER 

And finally, there's the GIZMOPLEX VIRTUAL THEATER, which we've been developing and testing non-stop since last summer.  As we explained during the Kickstarter, the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater is not a brand-new video streaming service. Instead, it's a much more visual, MST3K-flavored, enhanced user interface that adds a lot of features we felt were missing from VHX – and, in turn, the gizmoplex.com website. 

Through the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater, you'll be able to browse and stream your Gizmoplex video collection, attend live events, interact with our cast and other backers, and explore each floor of the Gizmoplex for yourself.

The Gizmoplex Virtual Theater is still undergoing beta testing, but is just about ready to start welcoming visitors. To ensure a smooth(er) launch...

We will be inviting all backers to join the Virtual Theater beta test during March and April 2022, in the order that you pledged. 

If you were among the first 1000 backers to make a pledge during the #MakeMoreMST3K Kickstarter, or if you've already volunteered to participate in the beta test, you'll receive an invitation to start testing the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater within the next week.

Here's a little taste of what's waiting for you: 

However you choose to access the Gizmoplex, you'll always be able to use your account to stream your personal MST3K video collection, and – as long as you have an active Gizmoplex Member Pass – to attend livestream events and premieres. 

If you can’t be at the events, you’ll also be able to watch a recording of each event, while your Member Pass is active. If you’d rather not attend or watch the premiere events, you have the option to stream each of the new episodes and shorts individually as we release them.

Also: please remember: if you ever experience technical problems with the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater, you can still access all of your Gizmoplex content and live events using gizmoplex.com or the Gizmoplex apps, so that you won't miss anything.

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