"Is there an app for my preferred platform? Are you going to add one?"

The Gizmoplex offers apps for iOS, Android, Apple's tvOS, Android TV, Amazon FireTV, and Roku. 

As of now, we do not have plans to release apps for any additional platforms.

Wondering why? It's a more complicated question than you might think!

Our Gizmoplex Apps are currently developed through a partnership with Vimeo OTT / VHX, the video platform that powers the Gizmoplex, so we are limited to the platforms that they develop for.

In the future, we may be able to add apps for XBOX and/or Samsung TVs. Since there is a significant annual cost for each app we offer, this will depend on whether there's sufficient demand for apps on those platforms.

While we wish we could release a Gizmoplex app for PlayStation, most indie developers can't even get permission to release games and apps in the Playstation store. If this becomes possible in future, we'd definitely consider it.

In the meantime, please remember that there are lots of ways to access your Gizmoplex account on devices without official Gizmoplex apps.

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