"Can I see new episodes of MST3K if I didn't get a pass?"

Yes! If you backed the Kickstarter, you can still get a pass... and if you didn't, you can get member passes and event tickets, and rent/buy new episodes, starting in May!

Until MAY 6, 2022, all of our Gizmoplex premieres and livestream events, as well as the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater website, are only available to members who reserved a Gizmoplex Pass through our Kickstarter campaign or a pre-order before March 1, 2022.

  • If you backed the Kickstarter but didn't pledge for a Gizmoplex Pass, you don't need to wait – just contact us at kickstarter@mst3k.com and we can help upgrade your pledge. (Please note: This may take 2-3 days.)
  • If you didn't back the Kickstarter or pre-order a Gizmoplex Pass, you can preorder a Gizmoplex Premiere Pass right now. Your pass will be valid starting on MAY 6, 2022, with the public premiere of Episode 1301.

After MAY 6, 2022, all Gizmoplex visitors will also be able to:

  • Buy Gizmoplex Passes that include all membership benefits
  • Buy tickets to attend individual livestream events and premieres
  • Buy or rent new episodes and shorts as they are released
  • Stream all available classic episodes for free (and for a limited time, ad-free!)
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