"Why can't Season 13 just be free to everyone?"

We wish it could... but we also want to keep making more new episodes for you!

We wish we could make the Gizmoplex – and all of our new episodes – free to everyone who wants to watch, but we're living in a new reality: starting with Season 13, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is finally an independent television series!

While that gives us a lot of creative freedom – and means that no one can cancel the show except you, the fans! – it also means we have no network or advertisers to fund new episodes.

If we make the new episodes free to everyone, we won't be able to raise the funds we'll need to keep making more new episodes after Season 13.

But, if you can't afford a Gizmoplex Pass, don't worry: we're exploring options to offer an ad-supported pass in the future.

We're also planning at least a few public events this year to let everyone join the fun, so stay tuned.

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