"How do I gift a Gizmoplex code to someone else?"

TLDR: Send them the unique gift link + these instructions to redeem the reward themselves!

Vimeo OTT – the platform powering the Gizmoplex.com website – doesn't currently allow you to use their built-in "Gifting" feature to redeem a Gizmoplex Reward Code for someone else.

If you purchased a Gizmoplex Reward code that was meant as a gift for someone else, please send them the unique gift link, and let them know they can find instructions to activate their gift at:


PLEASE NOTE: If you are gifting someone the 1-MONTH GIZMOPLEX GIFT PASS, it will only grant access to one month of content, no matter when it is redeemed (e.g. redeeming it in December won't give you access to all of the events and episodes from March to December).

Read more details about the 1-MONTH GIFT PASS here.

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