"What if I get an ERROR when redeeming a code?"

We're still looking into the cause of this problem, but here are some tips that seem to help.

We've learned that there is an open issue with Vimeo OTT – the video platform that powers the gizmoplex.com website – which results in some users receiving a generic "ERROR" message when attempting to redeem a Kickstarter reward code:

If you get this generic error message, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Try to activate the code using a different web browser or device.
    In some cases, users have reported better luck redeeming codes on computers than via smartphones and tablets.
  2. Wait an hour and try again.
    Other users have reported that when they wait an hour and try again, the code is accepted without an error. (This means that the issue might occur most often when a lot of backers are all claiming their codes at the same time.)
  3. Try logging into your Gizmoplex.com account before using the reward links.
    Several users have reported that following the links from BackerKit doesn't work, but if they sign into their Gizmoplex account first, and then follow the link to redeem the code while signed in, the code is accepted without errors.
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