"How do I access my Gizmoplex Pass... on the web?"

To access all of the content included with your Gizmoplex Member Pass using a web browser and the Gizmoplex.com website, follow these instructions.

1. Make sure you're signed into the site with the right account.

  • You can see what account you're signed in with clicking the account icon in the top right corner.
  • You can also see your Account Settings (including email address) by clicking here.
  • Make sure you're signed in using the same email address you used to redeem your Gizmoplex Pass.

2. Click the MY VIDEOS link at the top of the screen.

  • You'll see a list of all of the "products" purchased and/or redeemed to your account:

3. Find your GIZMOPLEX PASS and click "View Product."

  • You'll see a complete list of everything included in your Gizmoplex Pass.
  • You may want to bookmark this page, since it's the fastest way to access all of your member content.
  • You'll see the videos are organized as follows:
    1. TICKET for next scheduled livestream 
    2. SCREENERS: All available Season 13 episodes + shorts
    3. VAULT PICKS: this month's featured selections
    4. EVENT REPLAYS: completed livestreams on demand
    5. TICKETS for all future scheduled livestreams

    4. Select the content you want to watch.

    • All EVENT TICKETS for future livestreams will have a badge.
    • The "OFF AIR" BADGE (in gray) means the event hasn't started yet:
    • The "LIVE" BADGE (in red) means the event is streaming live!

    5. You've got Movie Sign!

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