"Why can't I download an episode?"

Can't seem to download the DRM-free video you wanted? 

So, the download menu isn't appearing underneath a video you want to download? Here are a few possible reasons.

  • NEW EPISODES aren't available to download until two weeks after they premiere. 
    Even if you own an episode or short, you won't be able to download a DRM-free file for the first two weeks after it premieres. However, you can stream new episodes as soon as you purchase or rent them. If you use the iOS or Android apps, you can also save episodes in the app temporarily for offline viewing.
  • You have to OWN an episode to download it.
    There are a lot of videos in the Gizmoplex that you can stream without owning them, including all of the classic episodes and shorts from Seasons 1-10, as well as rentals of episodes from Seasons 11-13. However, you can't download a DRM-free file of the episode unless you own it as part of your personal Gizmoplex collection.
  • Some videos aren't available to download.
    Certain videos, like Event Replays and Gizmoplex Vault Picks, aren't available for DRM-free download, and are only available to view while your Gizmoplex Member Pass is active. Once your pass expires, you will no longer have access to continue watching these videos.

If you're sure that you own a video and still can't seem to download it, please use the help widget to send a message and let us know. We'll follow up with you as soon as we can!

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