"How do I watch new episodes and livestreams with a Gizmoplex Pass?"

Still seeing ticket prices and BUY buttons, even though you've paid for a Gizmoplex Pass?

Don't worry: if you already have an active Gizmoplex Member Pass, you don't need to pay for tickets to attend livestream events, or rent new episodes and shorts to see them!

Here's the deal: The way that Vimeo OTT requires us to organize content can be confusing, but it's actually really easy to use once you know where to find all of your content.

1. Make sure you've activated your Gizmoplex Pass.

  • If you were a Kickstarter backer, or made a pre-order on BackerKit, you'll need to activate your pass for the Gizmoplex account of your choice. (Here's how.)
  • If you bought a Season Pass (or short-term pass) on the Gizmoplex website, or through one of the apps, your Gizmoplex Pass has been activated automatically.

2. Ignore the front page of the Gizmoplex site and apps!

If you already have an active Gizmoplex Pass, do not click the individual livestream events and new episodes listed on the front screen of the app: those are "standalone" products for people who don't have a Gizmoplex Pass.

3. Look in your Gizmoplex Pass for all member content.

Just look in your Gizmoplex Pass to watch all of your premium content, including...

  • Screeners for each new episode and short, as they get released!
  • Event Tickets for all future livestream events included in your pass!
  • Event Replays for all past livestream events included in your pass!
  • Vault Picks: a rotating set of 6 classic episodes with new content each month!

4. Not sure how to find your Gizmoplex Pass? 

Just choose your preferred platform:

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