"Why can't I buy or rent anything in the Roku or Amazon apps?"

Trying to buy or rent videos in the Amazon or Roku apps? Read this.

For reasons we don't fully understand, neither Roku or Amazon allow us to sell or rent anything through their platforms. (Believe us, we wish we could!)

To get access to paid content using the ROKU or AMAZON FIRE apps:

  1. Sign into the gizmoplex.com website with the same email address you use in the app.
  2. Use the website to buy or rent the videos / products / passes / tickets you want.
  3. Visit the LIBRARY section in your app. The videos will appear as soon as you finish the transaction.

We know this isn't an ideal solution, and will continue trying to convince Amazon and Roku to let us offer video sales and rentals through their apps. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience with this workaround!

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