"How was shipping calculated?"

While we're doing our absolute best to keep shipping costs as low as possible, we want to be transparent about how your shipping costs are calculated, so that you have context for the required fees.

Here's everything your shipping costs cover:

  • PACKAGING: boxes, envelopes, mailing labels, etc.
  • COORDINATION: tracking details to make sure that we get our 40,000+ orders right!
  • PICKING & PACKING: paying our fulfillment partners to put all of your items together and ship them.
  • SHIPPING: the cost of postage to ship your rewards to you.
  • PROCESSING: we have to pay a fee for collecting payments through credit card

In addition, COVID pressure has led to several increases in USPS shipping prices over the past year.

When Will Everything Ship?

To keep costs as low as possible, we're attempting to combine almost all physical reward shipments into the smallest number of "shipping waves" possible -- this is why we didn't ship each of your physical rewards as soon as they were finished. 

As of now, we're planning a maximum of THREE SHIPPING WAVES:

  • OCTOBER 2022: Sending out 3D glasses in time for the Oct 28 premiere of our 3D episode.
    • For most US backers, this shipment will cost between $4 and $12, depending on the number of pairs in your order.
  • NOV-DEC 2022: Sending out almost all of the other physical rewards from your pledge.
    • We are still waiting for our warehouse to provide final shipping costs for the full orders, and will contact backers to collect payment as soon as we receive those numbers.
  • JUNE 2023: Sending out the finished "Season 13" DVD/Blu-Ray box sets 
    • These include a lot of Gizmoplex bonus material, so they can't go into production until our season ends in late-Feb 2023.
    • For US backers, this will be sent via Media Mail, which shouldn't cost more than $5 (unless prices go up).

For more comprehensive and up-to-date details on when you can expect each of the Kickstarter rewards, check out our Reward Schedule.

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