"Why are physical rewards taking so long?"

We are deeply sorry for how long you’ve had to wait for your physical rewards. When we were planning this campaign, we failed to anticipate the continuing impact of COVID-induced supply issues, manufacturing setbacks, and shipping delays. If we had been able to predict this scenario, we absolutely would have provided all of our backers with a clearer idea of how long the process would take. 

To fulfill your rewards, we must partner with a warehouse to hold all of the items as they are manufactured, shipped, and received. In the first part of this process, the warehouse is simply accepting boxes and holding them in a space, so there’s not a lot of complexity to it, aside from the sheer volume of tens of thousands of items. 

Once everything has successfully landed in the warehouse, then the distribution phase begins, in which our partners at the warehouse calculate shipping for each pledge. Then we collect that shipping cost from each backer, after which the warehouse ships everything out. Our initial campaign had over 36,000 backers, so again, it’s a lot. 

The failure point in this process is that we did not understand how much time calculating shipping would take this particular warehouse, after all the physical rewards had been received. No doubt there are other warehouses out there that could do this much quicker. Unfortunately all of our rewards are in this one warehouse already, and moving them to a different warehouse now would be a significant expense, and would also take a big chunk of time to do, which would mean further delays. 

We are motivated and eager to get your physical rewards to you as soon as possible. We just found out too late that the warehouse we partnered with isn’t as quick as we expected or hoped. And to be very clear, this explanation is not meant as an effort to shift blame. We are responsible for fulfilling our promises to you, and we are doing our best. We hope sharing these further details will help illuminate the circumstances better. If you have additional questions, please contact us at kickstarter@mst3k.com.

"I'm tired of hearing about COVID delays! That excuse doesn't work anymore!"

We understand. We're tired of COVID delays too! However, even though COVID is no longer a factor in the current situation (see above), COVID delays did happen throughout 2021 and 2022. 

That is the reason we had to wait so long for the warehouse to even begin calculating shipping costs, because we could not start that process until all of the rewards had arrived, which only happened in December 2022.

"It's been too long. I just want a refund."

Please read this FAQ for more details on why we're unable to offer refunds.

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