"I don't want the rewards anymore. Can I just have a refund?"

"I'm tired of waiting and I don't want the rewards anymore. Can I just have a refund?"

This is an understandable feeling, but unfortunately an impossible one for us to accommodate. 

As Kickstarter puts it, “backing is not buying.” The money you pledged for our campaign was to support the creation of a 13th season of MST3K, and an independent streaming platform to distribute the new episodes. We cannot give you a refund because we've already spent your pledge to create season 13 and the Gizmoplex, as well as manufacture the rewards you selected.

However, as long as you pay shipping once it's been calculated, you will still receive some really cool rewards, if you pledged for them and still want them! But the truth is, only a small fraction of your pledge goes to those items – the vast majority of these funds were spent fulfilling our promise to make thirteen new episodes of MST3K and build the Gizmoplex. 

That was our primary objective, and that is what we did. We hope, at the very least, that you were satisfied with the new episodes and shorts! 

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