"What if my Gizmoplex reward code says it expired?"

Ignore it. It's almost always a glitch that means the reward has already been added to your account.

We know. This is super annoying... but fortunately, the "expired" error is also usually not true!

If your Gizmoplex reward code says it's "expired" when you try to claim it, the most common reason is that the site thinks you've already redeemed it, either in this account or another one.

(Codes can only be redeemed once. After that, it will say they've "expired.")

To see if the reward has been added to your Gizmoplex account, just go to your Account Settings > Purchases.

If the reward you're attempting to activate is already listed under PURCHASES, the code has been redeemed, and you can click on "View Product" to access it:

If you see the reward listed, click on "View Product" and you should be able to access all of the videos or livestreams included with that reward.

If you don't see the reward listed, please email kickstarter@mst3k.com and let our team know that your reward link still isn't working. When you do, be sure to include the link / URL where you are seeing the error message!

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