"Why does the Gizmoplex say a Member Pass costs $40,000?"

Don't worry: there's a dumb, but simple, explanation for this.

While attempting to redeem your Gizmoplex reward codes for your GIZMOPLEX EVENT PASS, you may notice that the "price" of the reward is set to an insane price – anywhere from $1000 - $40,000 – and that the legal disclaimer says that you are authorizing MST3K to charge $40,000 to your credit card.


As shown above, as long as you use the Gizmoplex reward code you were sent, the price will be reduced to $0, and you will not be required to provide a credit card number to activate your pass.

For those of you wondering why this is happening, here's the dumb technical explanation:

In order to provide you with a reward code, Vimeo OTT / VHX require us to make the reward we are giving you available for purchase. However, since these rewards aren't supposed to be available for the public to purchase, we have given them insane prices – like $40,000 – so that no one will buy them until the Gizmoplex and Season 13 are available to the general public. 

Since the reward codes are supposed to change the price to $0, we didn't think this would be an issue... but for some reason, Vimeo OTT / VHX's legal language still claims you're authorizing us to charge your credit card for the full amount. Just remember: the Gizmoplex doesn't have your credit card number, and you will not be charged ANYTHING for redeeming your reward code.

We apologize for the exceptionally confusing and alarming nature of this workaround.

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