"When will my Kickstarter rewards arrive?"

IMPORTANT UPDATE ON REWARD STATUS, from Backer Update #94, on Feb 3, 2023:

By now many of you have noticed that we still have not sent out the requests for payment of your shipping costs, as we’d planned to do in mid-January. We are deeply sorry for missing yet another self-imposed deadline. We know it is frustrating to you, and it is frustrating to us as well -- both because we hate letting you all down, and because we are so excited to get your rewards out to you at last.

Without going into too much boring detail (and it really is boring), the process for calculating shipping costs has taken much, much longer than anticipated. Because we are a small team, and we have been focused on making season 13 and the Gizmoplex as satisfying as possible, we sometimes contract certain tasks like calculating shipping costs out to others, and we unfortunately underestimated how much time those calculations would take, given the resources available. We’re not telling you this to deflect blame – the responsibility here is squarely on our shoulders! – but so you have a better grasp of the circumstances.

We understand that this delay is disappointing and even exasperating, and you all have a right to that reaction. We just ask you to trust that we are doing our very best to get your rewards sent out as soon as we can. We’re not going to risk committing to another specific date here until we are more certain of the timing.

Thank you, as always, for your patience. If you have any specific questions about your rewards, please don’t hesitate to email us at kickstarter@mst3k.com.

We’re still learning how COVID will affect the production and shipping of each of our rewards. A lot of materials are harder to get than usual, and across the board, almost all freight providers are estimating that shipments may take weeks – or months – longer than usual. 

That said, we’re doing our best to move forward with reward production as quickly as we can, and this page will keep you posted on our estimated schedule for shipping your rewards as we learn more.

If you bookmark this page, we'll use it to share an up-to-date schedule with the status of all Kickstarter rewards, letting you know when to expect them.



The following physical rewards have already been distributed.

If you are missing one of these rewards, use the link next to the reward to request support.

  • KINGAVISION 3D GLASSES: October 2022
    • For backers who are receiving other physical rewards...
      • Who live in the USA: All 3D glasses were sent by Wednesday, October 19.
      • Who live outside the USA: You were emailed to choose whether to get your 3D glasses ASAP or w/ other rewards.
    • For backers who are not receiving other physical rewards aside from 3D glasses...
      • All 3D glasses were sent by Friday, October 21, if your shipping was paid.
      • If you have not received them, and have sent payment, please  email us.

  • OVERSTOCK - COFFEE TABLE BOOKS: October-November 2022
    • All backers receiving coffee table books have been emailed to collect shipping + choose shipping options.
    • If you have not received the email to approve your shipping cost and options, please email us.


As we've explained in our Kickstarter Backer Updates, COVID and international production and shipping challenges have slowed down the timeline for delivering rewards, but we're close to having a final timeline for sending everything out.

SEPT 2022: Collecting Shipping (Orders w/ ONLY 3D Glasses)

In September 2022, we emailed all backers who are only receiving 3D GLASSES and no other physical rewards, and provided individual links to pay for shipping costs, which were not collected during the original Kickstarter campaign or BackerKit survey. Please note: We will not be able to send out any physical rewards until we receive both your confirmed shipping address and the shipping costs for your order.

APRIL/MAY 2023: Collecting Shipping (All Other Orders)

As soon as we receive the final shipping costs from our warehouse, we will email all backers who are receiving physical rewards, and provide individual links to pay for shipping costs, which were not collected during the original Kickstarter campaign or BackerKit survey. 

Please note: We will not be able to send out any physical rewards until we receive both your confirmed shipping address and the shipping costs for your order.

MAY-JUNE 2023: Almost Everything Else

To avoid sending rewards in several different shipments, which would increase your individual shipping fees, we were waiting until all of the following rewards arrived at our warehouse before sending your "main" reward shipment.

As of January 15, 2023, all rewards have finally reached our warehouse!  

We are now waiting for our warehouse to finish calculating your final shipping costs. As soon as they do, we will contact you to collect them -- we were hoping this would happen in February, but have no direct control over the timing until our warehouse provides the shipping costs. 

If there are no further delays, our shipping partner will do their best to pack and ship your rewards within 10-14 days of receiving your shipping payment. 

Here are the rewards that will be included in this "main" reward shipment:

    • Gizmoplex Stickers
    • Gizmoplex DIY Concession Kit
    • #MakeMoreMST3K T-Shirts & Hoodies
    • #MakeMoreMST3K Poster Sets
    • #MakeMoreMST3K Challenge Coins
    • #MakeMoreMST3K Musical Snow Globe
    • Add-On: Season 13 Mission Patches
    • Add-On: Complete MST3K Comic (signed)
    • Overstock: Season 11 - Tom Serv-Crow FUNKO POPs
    • Overstock: Season 11 - Reptilicus (VHS)
    • Overstock: Season 11 - MST3K Tiki Mug
    • Overstock: Season 11 - MST3K Postcard Set
    • Overstock: Season 11 - MST3K Stickers
    • Overstock: Season 11 - MST3K Keychains
    • Overstock: Season 11 - MST3K Mimobot USB Drives
    • Overstock: Season 11 - Collector's Box Set (DVD / Blu-Ray)
    • Overstock: Season 12 - MST3K Stickers
    • Overstock: Season 12 - MST3K Posters
    • Overstock: Season 12 - MST3K Tote Bags
    • Overstock: Season 12 - Collector's Box Set (DVD / Blu-Ray)
  • SUMMER 2023

    The following physical rewards will take longer, since we can't finish making them until the new season is complete.

    • MST3K Season 13 - Collector's Box Set (DVD and Blu-Ray)



To access your digital rewards, follow these instructions.

The following digital rewards have already been distributed.



    • Download: #BroughtBackMST3K Classic Episode Packs
    • Download: #MadeMoreMST3K Classic Episode Packs
    • Download: MST3K Ultimate Digital Collection
    • Download: MST3K Ultimate Digital Upgrade
    • Download: MST3K, Season 11: The Return
    • Download: MST3K, Season 12: The Gauntlet


    • Download: RiffTrax Bonus Rewards [support]

MARCH 2022

    • Gizmoplex Membership Passes
    • Special Thanks in the Gizmoplex (view here)

MAY 2022 - FEB 2023

    • Download: MST3K, Season 13: The Gizmoplex
    • Special Thanks in a New Episode
    • Special Thanks during Gizmoplex Live Event

MAY 2023

    • Download: Gizmoplex Founders' Kit (PDF)
    • Download: MST3K@Home Pack
    • Download: MST3K Soundtrack, Vol 2


The following digital rewards have not been distributed yet, and are still being coordinated due to some changing guidelines from Twitter and Instagram:

    • Special Thanks on Social Media




    • Associate Producer access and check-ins
    • Executive Producer access and check-ins
    • Gizmoplex Founding Sponsor access + custom promotional videos


    • January 2022: "Get Inventive with Joel" Workshop
    • April 23, 2022: "Voice A Line as M. Waverly" Workshop
    • June 5, 2022: "Riff A Short with Joel" Workshop
    • June 18, 2022: Livestream Class, "Intro to Robot Puppets + Puppeteering"
    • July 30, 2022: Livestream Class: "Intro to Inventions & Magic"
    • Sept 10, 2022: Livestream Class: "Intro to Movie Riffing"
    • MST3K LIVE Virtual Dinners + Backstage Tours with Joel

OCT-DEC 2022

    • Personalized Videos from the SOL
    • Personalized Videos from a Bot
    • Woodcut Props from Reptilicus


    • December 3, 2022: Grand Finale Premiere Screening
    • December 3, 2022: Grand Finale VIP Afterparty


High level rewards are special cases, but the following gives a general sense of when to expect them.


The following special rewards will be scheduled with sufficient advance notice to let recipients reserve time and make arrangements as needed. We expect to complete most of the following between April and July 2023:

    • Online Meet & Greet with the Cast
    • Private Jackbox Showdowns with the Cast
    • Dinner & a Riff with Joel + Patton Oswalt
    • Dinner & a Riff with Joel + Felicia Day
    • Dinner & a Riff with Joel + Al Yankovic
    • Dinner with Joel + Justin Roiland
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