"How does the GIZMOPLEX SPONSOR reward work?"

For the most part, this reward works just as described:

We'll shoot a promotional video for you from the Satellite of Love, and (if you want) we'll show it during our Gizmoplex Live events at least once each month for an entire year!
If you pledge for the Sponsorship level, we'll reach out to get a little bit more information about your business, and what kind of promotion you're interested in, before our Kickstarter ends, just to make sure we'll be able to deliver what you're looking for.
While we want you to be completely satisfied with your video, there are a few basic limitations you should be aware of before we collect your pledge:
  • We can't guarantee any bespoke props or costumes as part of your promotional video. If you've got ideas or requests, we're happy to discuss, and might even be able to design something just for your video – but in those cases, additional production costs may apply.
  • As a family-friendly show, we reserve the right to exercise our best judgement, and can't ask our cast to perform anything they find inappropriate or offensive. We also can't provide videos endorsing or affiliating with specific opinions, beliefs or political positions.
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