"Can my PERSONAL VIDEO say whatever I want?"

Good question! While we want you to be satisfied with your personal video, there ARE a few limitations you should know in advance:

  • We can't include any specific props or costumes in the video, but you WILL be able to choose between a few different featured locations from the show.
  • Your video is provided for PERSONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, and can't be used as an advertisement or promotion for your brand or business. If that's what you're after, check out the GIZMOPLEX FOUNDING SPONSOR reward.
  • Since MST3K is a family-friendly show, we reserve the right to use our best judgement, and can't ask our cast to record videos that they find inappropriate or offensive. We also can't provide videos suggesting that MST3K is endorsing or affiliating with a specific opinion or belief. So, for example: our bots can't help you endorse a political candidate, but they CAN help you propose to your partner, or roast your best friend.

If there's an issue with your request, we'll follow up to discuss it with you, and work out something everyone's happy with.

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