"How does the PERSONAL VIDEO FROM A BOT work?"

For this reward, we'll shoot a PERSONALIZED VIDEO MESSAGE of up to 45 seconds, featuring the robot friend of your choice: Crow, Servo, GPC, Waverly or Growler.

You can also upgrade your video to include additional bots – you'll be able to add $200 to your pledge for each additional bot you'd like to include.

If you HAVE A SPECIFIC REQUEST, you'll be able to send in a proposed script – but if takes longer than 45 seconds to read out loud, we won't be able to get through it. (Also, our cast are pretty talented folks, so letting them improvise from a prompt usually works better than writing scripts for them.)

If you DON'T HAVE A SPECIFIC REQUEST, we'll give you some basic ideas to choose from, and can customize them with your specifics. Or, you can just give us a basic prompt, and let our robots riff on it. Love advice from Servo? No problem. A brief love ballad from Growler? Sure. A heckling from Crow? Yeah, we can do that. Just tell us where to start.

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