"How do I access my DIGITAL REWARDS?"

If your Kickstarter pledge or add-ons included DIGITAL REWARDS, you can always access your "personal collection" of every digital reward we've distributed by visiting your BackerKit reward survey. Here's how.

1. Use the link in each new DIGITAL REWARD email notice. 

  • Each time we distribute a NEW DIGITAL REWARD, you will receive an email – sent to whatever email address is listed on your BackerKit reward survey – with a link to access your personal collection of digital rewards.
  • The notification emails will list any new rewards that have been added to your collection:

  • To access your digital reward collection, just click the link that says "Click Here" in the email!
  • Digital reward emails will come from no-reply@s.backerkit.com. If you can't find the email, be sure to search your email account for emails from that address.

2. Request a new link to your reward survey. 

  • If you ever want to access all of your available digital rewards, and can't find one of the reward emails, you can also request a new link to your BackerKit survey. You'll get an email with a link to access your reward survey.
  • When you follow the link in your email, you'll see a screen listing all of your reward and survey details. If you have digital rewards available, you will see a button that looks like this:

  • Click the button that says "Get Your Digital Downloads", and you'll see a complete list of all digital rewards that are currently available to you, along with instructions of how to download or redeem each reward (if applicable):
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