"Where is my reward survey? I didn't get it."

If you've haven't gotten your reward survey yet, don't panic! There are a few possible reasons, and we'll help you get it sorted out ASAP. Just follow the instructions below!

1. Ask BackerKit to send your survey email again.

As a first step, let's try asking BackerKit to re-send your Reward Survey invitation: just click here and provide the same email address you used to make your pledge on Kickstarter.

  • If there is a pledge linked to that email address, you'll see a GREEN message appear:
    "We sent you an email to [your email address] with your survey link." This is good! Continue to Step #2.
  • If there's not a pledge linked to that email address, you'll see a RED message appear:
    "Sorry, we couldn't find a survey for that email." Don't panic: just go here for more instructions.

2. Make sure it's not caught in a junk folder or tab.

Once BackerKit re-sends your survey invitation, the next step is to try to find it.

  • If it doesn't show up within 5 minutes after you request it, be sure to check your JUNK folders.
  • If you're using gMail, please check in the Updates tab.
  • You can also try searching for messages from no-reply@s.backerkit.com.

If you still can't find it, continue to Step #3.

3. Contact our Backer Support Team.

If you still can't find the survey email, it's possible that your email provider is rejecting the email from BackerKit, or that you used Apple ID to sign into Kickstarter, which hides your email address and prevents us from sending you emails outside of Kickstarter.

At this point, please click here to contact our Support Team, and be sure to include:

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