"Why is my BACKER status missing on the forums?"

Has your BACKER status gone missing on the MST3K forums? Here's why, and what to do about it.

If you DON'T have backer status on the forums, it might be because...

  • You haven't completed your BackerKit survey.
    (Follow these instructions to complete it now.)
  • Or, when filling out your BackerKit survey, you...
    • Selected not to receive Backer Status on the forums.
    • Didn't provide the correct email address for your forum account.
    • Had a typo in your email address, or added extra details.
    • Provided your forum username instead of your email address.
    • Listed multiple email addresses.

If you HAD backer status on the forums and it disappeared...

For the first few months, our support team manually granted Backer Status to users who requested it... but since there's no reliable way to confirm that those requests were from actual backers, we moved to a new system.  

So, even if you previously had Backer Status, it may have been removed if you didn't complete your BackerKit survey, or follow the instructions to provide your forum email account.

To claim (or reclaim) your Backer Status on the forums:

  1. Follow these instructions and double-check your answer to this question:

  2. Your answer should only contain the email address listed in your forum account settings
    1. Be sure not to include extra comments, multiple e-mail addresses, your forum username, or other details.. 
  3. If your answer is correct, your BACKER status should be activated soon.
    1. We update the list of verified backers on the forums about once a month, so you'll receive status the next time we do.)
  4. If you need to update your forum email address, please email our support team and be sure to include:
    1. The email address linked to your BackerKit survey.
    2. The email address linked to your MST3K forum account.
  5. Once we update your BackerKit survey answer, we'll send you an email to confirm.
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