"How do I claim BACKER STATUS in the MST3K forums?"

Want to be designated as an official #MakeMoreMST3K Backer on the MST3K Discourse forums? Here's how.

If you've set up an account to use the MST3K Forums, you might have noticed that a lot of users have a special designation next to their name when they post, showing that they backed the Kickstarter, like this:

If you backed the Kickstarter, or made a late pledge on BackerKit, you can get this status as well!


  1. Make sure you have registered an account and can log into the MST3K forums.
  2. Go to your preferences to check the email address you are using. 
  3. If you HAVEN'T completed your BackerKit survey:
    1. Do that first. (Here's how.)
  4. If you HAVE completed your BackerKit survey:
    1. Follow these instructions.
    2. Double-check your answers to make sure you provided the correct email address as the answer to this question:
  5. If you asked for BACKER STATUS, and provided the same email address listed in Step 2 (above), you're all set!
    1. We update the forums monthly to grant "Backer Status" to everyone who requested it.
  6. If you followed these instructions and still don't have Backer Status – or if you had Backer Status and it is now missing – please go here.


Once you've received BACKER status, you still need to choose to "turn it on."

  1. Log into the MST3K forums and go to your account settings.
  2. You'll see a set of options that look like this:
  3. Make sure you've selected "Backer" from the Title menu, "backers2021" from the Flair menu, and "Backer" as your Primary Group, and then click "Save Changes".
  4. The "Backer" title and green "K" badge should now appear on all of your posts!
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