"Why is Apple keeping me from getting reward emails?"

If you used AppleID to sign into Kickstarter and make your original pledge, it can create some problems... but we can help you fix them!

If your Kickstarter account was created using "Log In with Apple ID", that could prevent us from being able to reach you.

This is because, when you use Apple ID to login, Apple provides an extra "security feature" to prevent anyone from sending you spam email that you didn't want. To do this, Apple creates a special "unique email" for your Kickstarter account (something like <383484yhe3gdh3@privaterelay.appleid.com>), which keeps us from being able to see or use your actual email address.

When Kickstarter sends you an email at that "unique" address, Apple allows it to reach you. But if someone else tries to email the same address – whether that's our support team (kickstarter@mst3k.com) or BackerKit (no-reply@s.backerkit.com) – Apple considers those emails to be spam, and deletes them automatically. 

The result? You never get to see email about your rewards.

(You can see Kickstarter's explanation of this here.)

So, if your account was set up using Apple ID, we might not be able to reach you except through Kickstarter.

To make sure you get all of your reward-related emails, please send us a message on Kickstarter (here's how) and let us know the email address where you would like us to send all of your BackerKit and reward emails. As soon as we update BackerKit, we'll send you a link to get back into your reward survey, or to access the email you missed.

  • Log into your Kickstarter account.
  • Go to the #MakeMoreMST3K Kickstarter project page.
  • Where it says "Created by Joel Hodgson", click on Joel's name.
  • Click the blue button that says "Contact Me" on Joel's profile.
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