"Why are you spending so much to build the Gizmoplex?"

Taken from Backer Update #15:

Actually, we're not spending much on the Gizmoplex at all! If you look at the budgets we shared at the start of our campaign, we're only using 3% of the Kickstarter raise to cover annual bandwidth costs. platform fees, and a little bit of custom design and modification up front.

The reason we're not spending much is because we're not building the Gizmoplex from scratch! Instead, we're putting together several things that already exist, and designing a new experience to wrap around the whole thing.

Trust us: we're not getting into the tech and engineering business. Several of us have done that before, and it's not where MST3K belongs!

(Also: even if we did spend that 3% to make more episodes, it wouldn't be enough for even a single extra episode unless we raise more than $11 million. And honestly... if we raised $11M, we wouldn't need that 3% for new episodes!)

As for putting the new episodes on YouTube: as much as we'd like to, we can't afford to make the new episodes free to everyone, or we'll never get to make more episodes again.

Part of our goal in launching the Gizmoplex is to make sure we can distribute our own episodes from now and bring in some ongoing revenue to support more new episodes, instead of depending on another Kickstarter for each new season.

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