"What will the Gizmoplex Pass cost in the future?"

Taken from Backer Update #15:

Right now, we're only offering Gizmoplex passes and memberships for our first year, which will officially begin with the premiere of our first new episode.

So, if your rewards include a 12-month Gizmoplex Pass, you'll already becovered for that entire year. If your pass is for 3, 6 or 9 months, you'll have the option to extend your membership when it ends, at about the same rate it cost during the Kickstarter (about $8/month).

And if you don't have a Gizmoplex Pass, and want to get one during our first year, you'll be able to do that too – but it will probably cost a little bit more (about $10-12/month), and it won't count toward our goal of making more episodes in Season 13.

As for the second year and beyond: The truth is that we don't know yet! We're expecting to learn a lot during the first year, including more accurate budgets for great live events, providing member benefits, covering platform costs, and expanding the Gizmoplex with new content and features. As we learn more, we'll start to have a better idea of what we'll need to charge to keep offering the Gizmoplex Membership program – and we'll share our thoughts as they develop.

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