"What content will be available in the Gizmoplex?"

Taken from Backer Update #15:

As long as we still have the legal rights we need to offer them, you'll be able to rent and buy most individual episodes of MST3K anytime you want, including...

  • Seasons 1-10: About 160 classic episodes
  • Seasons 11-12: All 20 new episodes
  • New Episodes: Available 24 hours after premiere
  • Special Events: Available live and for "rewatch"

Plus, we're hoping to make the Gizmoplex a one-stop shop for all of your riffing needs, so we're also in talks to offer content from RiffTrax, Cinematic Titanic, Film Crew and more. And we're also planning to create a lot of short, exclusive content just for the Gizmoplex, to make the experience more unique and surprising!

And, while we're still working out the specifics, we expect you'll be able to get tickets at the door to attend individual live events and screenings, and to rent recordings of the livestream events later.

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