"I just want to SEE the new episodes. How do I do that?"

TLDR: Get a Gizmoplex Pass to see a new episode each month that your pass is active.

Taken from BACKER UPDATE #2

If you don't care about owning all of the new episodes we make, but still want to see each one as it comes out, you'll be able to do that with the Gizmoplex Pass.

After our first episode premieres, we're aiming to premiere one new episode each month -- so, each month of Gizmoplex Pass access gets you a ticket for another episode premiere, until we've premiered all of our new episodes.

Just to be explicit, that means...

  • A 3 MONTH PASS gets you tickets to the first THREE live premieres.
  • A 6 MONTH PASS gets you tickets to the first SIX live premieres.
  • A 9 MONTH PASS gets you tickets to the first NINE live premieres.
  • A 12 MONTH PASS gets you tickets to all TWELVE live premieres.

Of course, we can only premiere 12 new episodes if we get to make 12 new episodes... but if we don't have enough new episodes to premiere one each month for the full year, we'll still host other special live screening events.

And don’t worry, whether we're watching new episodes or not, we'll make sure the events are a really special "MST3K" experience.

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