"How can I watch my DIGITAL EPISODES?"

TLDR: You can stream and/or download your digital episodes on computer and our apps.

If your pledge rewards include download access to NEW EPISODES OF MST3K (Experiment 100 and above) or CLASSIC EPISODES OF MST3K (Experiment 150 and above), you should now have received digital codes that can be redeemed to add the episodes to your personal MST3K video collection. (Here's how.)

Once you redeem the code(s), your digital episodes will be added to your personal video library, and you'll be able to stream and download HD video files – DRM free! – whenever you want.

Once you download the files, you can watch them any time you want, on any device, without restrictions.

If you DON'T want to download the episodes, you can also stream them online using the Gizmoplex.com website, the Virtual Theater (beta), and our MST3K video apps for iOS, Android, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, Android TV and Roku! (See all of your options here.)

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