"What if there's no pledge linked to my email address?"

Sometimes Kickstarter uses a different email address than you're expecting. Here's how to find out which email address Kickstarter REALLY used for your pledge.

If BackerKit is claiming that there's pledge linked to your email address, it's possible that Kickstarter used a different email address than you intended to make the pledge... but that's easy to solve!

  • Make sure you're entering the same email address you used on Kickstarter.
    (Click here to check your email address on Kickstarter.)
  • If Kickstarter lists a different email address than you expected...
    • If you can access the other email account, check there for the missing email(s) from BackerKit.
    • If you can't access the other email account...
      1. Change your email address with Kickstarter here.
      2. Send us a message through Kickstarter (here's how).
      3. Ask us to update your email in BackerKit.
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